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Top2Move Features

Recording routes: Record and save your active route with Top2Move via GPS. Give your new track a name, select a track type and optionally enter a description. Top2Move will automatically generate important track information like track length, country and city.

Loading routes: You can load tracks you have previously saved on your device or you can load live tracks from Routecrawler. When you choose your desired route it will be displayed as a track line on a map so you can navigate through the route or explore the route on forehand.

Create and share routes: Create and share tracks the easy way. With Top2Move you can easily create custom routes by tapping your screen to connect the dots. With the push of a button you can upload your newly created or recorded track to Routecrawler, so thousands of people can enjoy your scenic route!

Multiple map types: Top2Move offers multiple map types with a worldwide map coverage by utilizing the power of Google Maps. You can choose to explore your surroundings by using a Terrain, Road, Satellite or Hybrid (Road / Satellite) map type.

Multilingual: Top2Move is available in 7 languages:

English Dutch German French Italian Spanish Portuguese

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