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A free online application: Routecrawler is a free online routeplanner application for use with your Desktop PC or Laptop's webbrowser. With Routecrawler you can create, download and view thousands of scenic routes shared by other Top2Move users. You can access the Routecrawler database from within the Top2Move app to load and display the tracks of your choice. With help of Routecrawler and the Top2Move app you now have wireless access to tracks all over the world from your pocket for free! Start Routecrawler

Top2Move ID: You need a Top2Move ID to login into the online Routecrawler application from your PC, and to access the Routecrawler database from within the Top2Move app. Your free Top2Move ID will be automatically created when you register at this website. You can click this link to go to the registration form.

Multilingual: Routecrawler is available in 7 languages:

English Dutch German French Italian Spanish Portuguese

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